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AI-powered and data-driven tools

For Millions of Amazon sellers and Advertiser Needs

Amazon Sellers AI Tool

Tool4seller is an Amazon seller tool that provides data analytics and translates it into reports, summaries, dashboards and graphs to help sellers make better operational decisions.

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Data driven Performance marketing platform

Using different cost models and AI-data to prioritizes the quality of users analyze the results of every campaign in order to show ads to the people who will be most likely to engage inside of the game to make conversion.

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About Us
Tapcash is a subsidiary of IGG, one of the well-known mobile game developers. Established in 2014, Tapcash is a young vibrant innovative company. Our company has evolved to offer two compelling businesses:" One is to empower Amazon sellers with a comprehensive AI-powered web-based software and app to drive sales quickly. Both starters and professional Amazon sellers can receive daily sales and profit insights and use tools to improve advertising revenue. Besides, we devote to provide more valuable services to global advertisers and publishers. No matter you are an advertiser or publisher, our high-skilled and friendly team will help you to effectively maintain and optimize the advertising campaign for maximum profit.
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